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    Leading the scene with cheap prices & awesome features!
    Running since 6+ years & counting!

Why Us?


XBLK Bypasses

Our bypasses will prevent you from being banned for longer.

Low Prices

Leading the scene with low prices and great features!

KV Life

With perfect system challenge

responses, you don't need to worry about KV ban's


We are always working on new

features to provide you a service

on the highest standard.


Online Lasting

With Perfect System Challenge Responses you will never have to worry about your KeyVault being banned while using XBLKyuubii.


Our Bypasses will prevent your Account from being banned on certain Titles.

Dedicated Hardware

XBLKyuubii is hosted on our own Dedicated Hardware to ensure the best Uptime and Server Load Balance possible.

KV Guard

Our KV Guard utilizes the safest Method to protect your KV from being harmed or stolen.

Fatal Crash Recovery

Never have to worry again about manually rebooting your Console after hitting a Fatal Crash let our Recovery Handle this for you.

Infection Bypass

Never worry again about competitors Tampering with your Console, we implemented several measures to keep you safe from them!

Custom UI

XBLKyuubii does various UI edits to the Console to provide you a nice User Interface.


XBLKyuubii is made to be as customizable as you like.

Management Menu

Our Management Menu allows you to manage all Settings regarding your Console or XBLKyuubii to make it as easy as possible to customize everything as you wish.

Quick Launch

Never have to worry again about launching Games trough XeX Menu, just launch them directly from the Dashboard using XBLKyuubii`s Launch Engine.

Module Loader

our Module Loader allows you to inject any Plugin at any Time directly using your Console, this is very useful for developement.

IV Engine(soon)

Partnered up with the best GTA IV Dev, we are able to offer you the best Cheat Engine for that Game on the market.

Cheat Engine (soon)

The XBLKyuubii Cheat Engine will Support various Titles such as COD, BF and CSGO, more to come soon!

NoKV Mode

Never have to worry about not having a KeyVault, with our NoKV Mode we will Handle this Part for you.

Priortized NoKV Queue (Premium)

XBLKyuubii will priortize you over basic Users when assigning a KV for the NoKV Mode to ensure you are always able to use it

Game Protections (Premium)

Our Protections for various COD`s and especially BO2 will keep you safe from any Crash or End Game attempts, just enjoy playing without any disruption.


Lifetime Membership
One Time Payment

for one Console

  • Perfect System Challenges
  • Perfect Bypasses
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Stable and reliable Client
  • 24/7 Support
  • Bulletproof Infection Bypass
Premium Membership

an active XBLK License

  • Exclusive Premium Features